Delicious Breakfast Recipes!
 From the president of Nature's Approved:

     This oatmeal recipe saved my life. The saving factor was the soluble fiber. I ate variations every day of it as I perfected it and varied it for a period of 14 years. I had chosen to do so after relatives and friends about 10 older than I had begun having heart attacks, some fatal. Our diets at the time consisted of a lot of lamb, roasted every Sunday and lamb chops during the week ( I am Australian), cheese (loved it and ate too much) and much other meats and sausages . Various articles and blood readings indicated I was on the wrong diet and probably had partly blocked arteries.
     Oatmeal contains a large amount of SOLUBLE fiber (as well as insoluble fiber) and as such can clean out the arteries and get rid of plaque. A health crisis 14 years later when a doctor over used lipotripsy (sound waves focused on the stones) to breakup my kidney stones, damaged my kidneys and my blood pressure went crazy jumping from normal to 245 over 125. This lasted for an extended period at high levels of 180 over 75 even with the medications for a number of years. If I had had plaque at that time it would have almost certainly broken loose and given me a stroke or heart attack. Two years later I had an angiogram to make sure my artery leading to the kidney was not blocked and it was found that my arteries were clean as a whistle. I showed the doctors a graph of my B/P before and after and said the lipotripsy had damaged my kidneys and 6 years later a front page article in the New York Times quoted a medical paper showing that lipotripsy raised blood pressure.  The oatmeal had probably saved my life. I still eat it about half of the time.  So enjoy and get healthy!

Extra Oatmeal for the Week

 - 4 Tb Nature's Approved® Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
 - 4 cups organic oatmeal
 - 2 cooking apples (thinly sliced) 
 - 1 cup raisins
 - 2 bananas
 - 1 cup blueberries (frozen are ok as they retain their antioxidants) or 1 cup mixed berries
    4-5 cups apple juice (or other juice for variety)

      Melt 4 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil into nonstick frying pan with lid. While melting, slice apples very thinly as they take the longest to cook. Add 4 cups oatmeal and stir on low to medium heat. Add all fresh and dried fruits, then apple juice. Simmer about 20-30 minutes or until cooked. Adjust the amount of juice so that the mixture has a texture to your taste. If you add enough fruit it tastes more like a cake than a cereal. Add as many fruits as possible to receive the highest amount of antioxidants.  NOTE: The apple juice tends to make it stick so you need to separate the mix from the bottom of the pan two of three times while cooking and stir it. Cook a batch then store in refrigerator in glass or recyclable container for a great cereal throughout the week. Serve hot or store for later in the week. Add any milk (cow, almond, soy, rice) or juice of your choice and enjoy!

     Oatmeal has a reputation for lowing cholesterol but more importantly the soluble fibers are believed to remove plaque from the arteries. One customer reported a very large drop in cholesterol after adding coconut oil to their usual oatmeal.  

Have a look at Natures Approved online demonstration!

Cereal with Coconut Oil 

 - 2 Tb Nature's Approved® Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
 - Cereal- muesli, oatmeal, or any healthy grain cereal
   Soy milk
 - Mix and enjoy!

    Starts the day off with a stomach calming, satiating mixture and decreases your need      and desire for fats.

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